Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meal Sharing

During this last year I've been posting a lot less and here's why: I've been involved in an awesome startup idea with a friend from the US. It's called Mealsharing and it's one of those ideas that could really bring people closer. 
The idea is all about enabling people to share a home cooked meal with others. Imagine you could go to another country, Italy or Thailand, and you could share a meal with an Italian or a Thai family. Or imagine you could have someone who is travelling for lunch. And you could invite them over and share stories and just learn about that person's culture. 
The site aims to make this not only possible, but safe too, with a system of reviews that lets everyone know what is it like to "mealshare" with a certain person.

You don't have to be even a good cook to take part... so give it a try!: MealSharing
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